Zensuality with Tina P.

Get excited folx! Only the London Symphony Orchestra directed by Beyonce herself could properly set the stage for welcoming the deeply feminine, spiritually rich, and sensual goddess extraordinaire Tina P., creator of Zensuality.

She taught me how to twerk, walk the runway drag-queen style, and pick out my first pair of stripper shoes–the life skills I never knew I needed.

It is my honor to share my experience learning from this amazing woman.

I met Tina P. at the pole dancing studio about six months after I started dancing. I took her class religiously every week during that impressionable period at the beginning of my pole dancing journey. She helped elevate me from beginner to the intermediate level, and she taught how to embrace and express my sensuality.

“One of the biggest things pole did was give me an opportunity to teach, to create safe spaces for women to enjoy their bodies, sensuality and sisterhood.”

Tina P.

When the pandemic hit and the studio closed, Tina P. started Zensuality, a floorwork dance practice that marries the sacred, the sensual, the erotic, and the innocent. It’s a transformative movement that allows you to explore, play, and welcome self-love.

Women like myself who didn’t have a pole at home during shelter-in-place needed Zensuality, which was being offered virtually. Because I was grieving the loss of her pole dancing class at the dance studio, it was a godsend to be able to dance with her online. I tuned in to Zensuality for two months through a small computer screen in my bedroom that tumultuous summer of 2020.

At the beginning of each class, Tina P. guided the participants through a meditative warm-up, allowing me to leave behind my anxious mind in an uncertain world and drop into my body. She taught a dance routine that anyone–including beginners–could learn from home. All one needed was a bit of floor space to move around freely.

Life felt like an alternate reality in the first few months of the pandemic. On the outside, I felt emotionally stable and put together, but underneath I was a mess, especially because I could not attend in-person dance classes anymore. Not knowing how to respond when shelter-in-place began, I threw myself into intense yard work. I spent hours pulling up a sprawling rosemary tree with my bare hands. Not surprisingly, I injured my back and had to seek chiropractic treatment for several months to recover.

The anxiety in my body was looking for a release.

I needed to dance and reconnect with how I was feeling.

“I’d always liked floorwork but absolutely fell in love with it during the pandemic. The comfort and security the floor provides came at a really good time for me and my clients. I think we all needed to feel more grounded, rooted, supported…and humping the floor tunes you into that nurturing energy of the Earth…”

Tina P.

In Tina P.’s approach to teaching, she gives every participant individual attention with feedback (yes, even through Zoom!). I took other online dance and exercise classes, but I didn’t always feel seen by my instructors. Tina P. is very articulate and has a gift for both explaining and showing techniques in such a way that you can really learn.

Taking the time to feel sensual and sexy despite the horror of the pandemic, was a true blessing. As a highly sensitive woman, I needed to protect myself from unnecessary over-arousal and honor my sensual femininity. I am so glad I gave myself that gift–to be in tune with my playful and erotic self. By the end of each class, I could breathe a little bit deeper. Inspired by the healing nature of Tina P.’s classes, I continued dancing to myself throughout the week in between her classes. I put on a sexy outfit and rolled around on the floor. I processed my emotions. I felt my body. I did it in the privacy of my own bedroom, and I did it for myself.

Zensuality is so much more than just learning dance techniques. A major component of Tina P.’s approach is turning inward to meditate on your state of mind, feelings, and emotions. Tina often guides her students through journaling exercises or moments of reflection that bring nourishing insights.

I joined Tina P.’s Full Moon Goddess Circle this summer and experienced the power of release and forgiveness through movement. After learning a simple but sensual dance routine, she led the participants through a journaling exercise. We were invited to identify something that no longer serves us and to gather up the energy in order to release it. Incorporating movement to the exercise, we then focused on calling in forgiveness.

“This is your time to explore what releasing can feel like.”

Tina P.

For the past few months, I have had many realizations about my career. I have placed limitations on myself by letting my employment define what I am capable of professionally, personally, and financially. I entered a difficult period of work burnout two years ago from which I suffered physically and mentally for many months. At the time I wanted out, so I began planning an exit strategy to pursue other dreams that would better suit me. However, I backed out of the career change and soon found myself in a state of helpless anxiety because of the pandemic, further postponing my growth. Now I am struggling with forgiving myself for not taking the leap sooner.

I realized through Tina P.’s Goddess Circle that this is an important step for me. I still have a lot of anger towards the pandemic, the industry I worked so hard to be a part of, and myself. I know that it’s part of my journey to release that resentment and self-judgement. I’m getting better at looking forward, not backward, as I face the unknown.

Thank you Tina P. for what you do. I am forever grateful for everything you have taught me. You offer transformative self-expression to women who seek wholeness and healing. I am a better woman because of it.

Zensuality Offerings

A Taste of Zensuality

Currently, Tina P. is seeing clients through her Zensuality 1:1 Coaching. It’s a three month container that is personalized to the dancer and their healing and movement goals. One can expect sensual movement, guided meditation and somatic exercises, as well as limiting belief coaching and ritual.

Tina will be offering more group containers and full moon rituals this coming fall. You can learn more at www.zensualitydance.com and @GoddessAfrodisiac on Instagram (be sure to look for the video of her pole dancing on stage at a Snoop Dogg concert!).

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