People-Pleasing No More

The Epidemic

In my time working with long-term clients that’ve brought wide-ranging issues to my coaching container, I quickly noticed there was a common problem that almost every single person brought to me at some point or another.


Not everyone called it that, but they each had an iteration of it—fawning, letting people bully them, getting cornered by chatty people and feeling trapped, anxiety about upsetting someone, and shutting down instead of speaking up.

There is no mystery whatsoever as to why people struggle with placating others as opposed to speaking their truth.

First and foremost, we’re wired to be social creatures. Our sense of belonging has been critical to the survival of our species.

Secondly, so many of us grew up to be do-gooder perfectionists. Caregivers, teachers, church leaders, mentors, and society as a whole have been programming us to be agreeable and well-behaved.

So yeah, the potential repercussions of being rejected are deeply fucking felt in the body.

Which is why I created a free resource for you to change your people-pleasing tendencies for good.

The Ultimate Guide to Putting an End to People-Pleasing

In this 10-page guide, I teach how to rewire your brain and start speaking your truth.

People-pleasing is a habit—an automated response in your brain that is unconscious and impulsive. But virtually all habits are changeable.

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Now go tell Karen and Gary how you really feel.

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