I took a mini break from my business the last couple of weeks. I didn’t scurry off to somewhere topical or vacation-y. I just stayed home—so I could rest, reflect, and breathe.

I didn’t realize how much I needed it until after letting my body be heavy and unhurried for a couple of days. I wasn’t sure how long I would allow myself to wake up to no agenda. I just knew I would intuitively figure it out.

Pretty much every facet of life took a turn for the better during this break—my relationships, business, mindset, and nervous system.

One of my core conditionings is that if I don’t keep everything in motion all-of-the-time, I’ll flat out fail. So I’ve been learning how to trust the unseen. Having faith that I am being supported by a force greater than myself is one of my greatest life lessons.

Do you find yourself trying to be in control all the time? I invite you to embrace the art of surrender. There’s a time and place to resist and take action—and there’s a time and place to yield and be passive. We cannot have one with the other.

Where do you feel most surrendered? Maybe it’s standing in the dead center of a forest miles from civilization, or right at home in a child’s pose. You know you boo. Take those opportunities to yield and receive.

So now that I’m rested and rejuvenated, I’m so excited to be back here full-steam!

I’ve got some fun updates to share.

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That’s all for now!