An Off-the-Map Journey

Conscious feminine energy is where the journey goes off the map–surrendering to the unknown and softening our resistance to change, discomfort, and risk. Leaving behind a job, relationship or other place of stuck comfort has an inherently feminine archetypal force behind it. It isn’t foolish or rash. When a womxn knows that it’s time forContinue reading “An Off-the-Map Journey”

Layers of Acceptance

The truth will set you free. I involuntarily roll my eyes at cliché adages. We’ve all been subjected to hearing them. What is more uninspiring than an expression you hear so often (probably from a fundamentalist proselytizer standing on the street corner), that you’ve become desensitized to the true meaning and essence of the phrase?Continue reading “Layers of Acceptance”

Striking the Balance

I’m immersing myself into the entrepreneurial pursuit. I’ve replaced Bad Bunny background music with podcasts for women who want to start their own business. I’ve signed up for free (F-R-E-E) classes on how to run a business through my local Small Business Development Center. My involuntary urge to waste hours on Netflix every night isContinue reading “Striking the Balance”