Let me guess why you’re here. You’re burned out and fed-up with feeling:

  • Overworked
  • Overcommitted
  • Overburdened 
  • Overly responsible for everything-all-the-time-all-at-once

You feel like it’s your job to keep your boss, partner, and everyone’s mother happy. 

Meanwhile, your emotional well-being is in steady decline—and you’re reaching a boiling point.

It’s time to stop people-pleasing and putting yourself last and start speaking your truth. 

In my workshop “Deprogramming People-Pleasing,” you’ll learn why it feels so difficult to stand up for yourself with willpower alone, and I’ll explain how to rewire unconscious patterns in your brain and nervous system to flip the script and take back your power.

If you’re ready to set badass boundaries, reclaim your time and energy, and prioritize your health and pleasure, come to my workshop so we can get crystal clear on what to do.

❥Krissy • Life Coach

This event is rescheduled for later in the fall. The new date and registration form will be available soon!