More Self-Control? No Thanks!

Inner Demons? More Like Allies. The inner critic is sneaky, often mistaken as a voice of reason who knows what’s best for you. For a long time I was under the illusion that my own inner critic–the barrage of “shoulds” running through my head, covered in guilty sauce–was me. I identified with its thoughts, reactingContinue reading “More Self-Control? No Thanks!”

Why Will Power is Your Flaky Friend

Undoing the Programming Here we go, another one! Y’all know I love taking aim at unchecked masculine ideals that cause unnecessary pain and frustration. Full disclosure, I have incredible will power and self-discipline. These strengths have gotten me through two college degrees, starting my own business, learning a foreign language, and much recognition and rewardContinue reading “Why Will Power is Your Flaky Friend”

Reclamation of Self

Wisdom in Your Flaws There’s a subtle but key difference between fixing yourself and returning to your wholeness. Healthy, sustainable inner work is about a radical reclamation of Self. Because beneath the icky parts that you try to fix, there is a true Self in its wholeness. Women have so much motivation to grow andContinue reading “Reclamation of Self”

The Wanderer Knows

I’ve never read A Course in Miracles, but I think I experienced one last week. The first day after I turned on my auto-email responder at work to “This email is no longer active”, I woke up in a state of pure euphoria. I felt a lightness that I hadn’t experienced in over 3, longContinue reading “The Wanderer Knows”

Divine Timing

One year ago I initiated a Worker’s Compensation claim due to moderate, unrelenting pain in my right arm from a repetitive motion injury using the computer in my job. I had just returned from a romantic trip to Hawaii with my beloved sweetheart, and I was enjoying an excitement for life, opportunities, and abundance thatContinue reading “Divine Timing”

The Soul Wants to Live

Imposter syndrome sometimes hits us when we least expect it. One minute we’re strolling along, confident and courageous about putting ourself out there, and the next minute we’re overcome with overwhelming anxiety that captures our bodies and minds. The thoughts of self-doubt come streaming in. Who am I to lead and influence others? What rightContinue reading “The Soul Wants to Live”