Conditioning Your Brain for Pleasure

Ending the Epidemic I blame the Puritans for why most of us struggle with life-long guilt for feeling good–the kind of guilt that prevents you from investing time, energy, and money into yourself. I’d dare to say that it’s an epidemic, especially among womxn. Pleasures and self-indulgences come in many varieties: spiritual, sensual, sexual, emotional,Continue reading “Conditioning Your Brain for Pleasure”

The Body and Workaholic Women

Quiet Quitting There’s been a lot of chatter recently about “quiet quitting”–the act of putting in minimal effort and enthusiasm in one’s job. Whether these quiet quitters are readjusting their commitment to their jobs to healthier levels, or they’re apathetically disengaging, it’s not yet clear. I suspect it’s a combination of both. I commend andContinue reading “The Body and Workaholic Women”

Bravery to be Seen

I coach womxn on becoming their true Self–making the unconscious conscious and accessing their Higher Self outside of the ego-persona. I think of this work as true empowerment, not based on bolstering the attachments and desires of the ego, but on accepting the qualities we reject about ourselves. This practice is founded in the beliefContinue reading “Bravery to be Seen”

Mindfucking My Way to Victory

Going on your journey–to grow beyond the limits of your ego and follow a path of your own development personally, psychologically, and professionally–requires a lot of courage, but it doesn’t come without a lot of fear, doubt, and even shame. This is about chasing after what you desire most, as opposed to fitting into aContinue reading “Mindfucking My Way to Victory”

The Soul Wants to Live

Imposter syndrome sometimes hits us when we least expect it. One minute we’re strolling along, confident and courageous about putting ourself out there, and the next minute we’re overcome with overwhelming anxiety that captures our bodies and minds. The thoughts of self-doubt come streaming in. Who am I to lead and influence others? What rightContinue reading “The Soul Wants to Live”

Layers of Acceptance

The truth will set you free. I involuntarily roll my eyes at cliché adages. We’ve all been subjected to hearing them. What is more uninspiring than an expression you hear so often (probably from a fundamentalist proselytizer standing on the street corner), that you’ve become desensitized to the true meaning and essence of the phrase?Continue reading “Layers of Acceptance”

Finding Pleasure in a World of Plight

Just as the pandemic was beginning to sink into a lull over here in the U.S., the weight of the world somehow got heavier. I don’t need to recount the tragedies we’re all reading about in the news each day—I’m here to remind you that our expansion of self and soul are still important. OurContinue reading “Finding Pleasure in a World of Plight”