Are you ready for an embodied transformation? 

Because you’ve been denying what your heart, mind, and body desire. You wanna change your self-sacrificing beliefs and behaviors, but trying harder just doesn’t seem to make a difference. I know your pain because this was my story. Now I’m here to guide you on a holistic journey that will change your life.

“Through Krissy’s compassionate and guided coaching, I have been able to show up for myself in ways I previously imagined impossible. Each time we end a session I reflect on how it felt and almost always say “Wow that was challenging. AND I am so thankful I continue to show up for myself”. Working through challenges I face regarding childhood trauma, self-esteem, and adult aspirations, Krissy’s coaching has truly opened up a world of confidence, self-respect, and self-love that I have been searching for within all of my life. This coaching has allowed me to be naked to the world of possibilities existence has to offer, trauma and all. I would recommend Krissy Loveman’s coaching to anyone who is looking to recover, build, and or maintain a healthy, well rounded psyche.”

— Madison

“Krissy has a remarkable ability to help you see your truest self. She holds up the mirror and points at what you cannot see, and then helps you believe it. She is thoughtful and thorough in her assessments and recommendations. And she takes the time to truly teach you the science behind her approaches, which I really appreciated and found super interesting as a former psychology major!

I’ve done years of therapy that has been helpful in its own way. But Krissy was able to cut right through to what I truly wanted to address in a way I haven’t been able to do with therapy. I left each session with more insight into myself, tools to tackle barriers, and feeling a bit lighter. My goal in working with Krissy was to live more authentically and to get over the fear of practicing and sharing my art. Krissy has helped me do just that!”

— Melissa

Conditioning Your Brain for Pleasure

Ending the Epidemic I blame the Puritans for why most of us struggle with life-long guilt for feeling good–the kind of guilt that prevents you from investing time, energy, and money into yourself. I’d dare to say that it’s an epidemic, especially among womxn. Pleasures and self-indulgences come in many varieties: spiritual, sensual, sexual, emotional,…

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More Self-Control? No Thanks!

Inner Demons? More Like Allies. The inner critic is sneaky, often mistaken as a voice of reason who knows what’s best for you. For a long time I was under the illusion that my own inner critic–the barrage of “shoulds” running through my head, covered in guilty sauce–was me. I identified with its thoughts, reacting…

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My Story

In my early 30s, I had two seemingly unrelated but very painful experiences that changed the course of my life.  In the first downfall that spanned about a year, I entered into a depressive state with suicidal ideation. It felt sudden and unwarranted. I was six years into my dream career living in a beautiful…

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