It’s time to put an end to the self-sacrificing beliefs and behaviors that’ve fucked with your freedom.

You’ve slayed some serious dragons to get where you are, but now you’re overworked and struggling to put yourself first.

And you’re here because you’re ready to take control of YOUR life.

Conditioned to be a useful, socially-acceptable perfectionist, you suffer from:

  • People-pleasing habits that deny your truth and drain your energy
  • Hypersensitivity to criticism and being rejected
  • Anxiety over setting boundaries and saying “NO
  • A compulsive need to endlessly pour yourself into helping others
  • Taking on others’ feelings and feeling overly responsibly for everyone else’s happiness
  • Overcommitting yourself with favors and unnecessary duties
  • Guilt over telling you-know-who it’s time they pick up the slack so that you can say “YES” to what brings you frivolous pleasure

Sounding familiar?

Let me guess…

You’re the go-to person in your community for support when others need it, and though you wear that badge of honor with pride, you feel like a candle burning on both ends.

You’re afraid of being seen as insensitive or “bossy” if you assert yourself. Your mother-in-law comes armed and ready with judgments about how you live your life, and you take the hit every time.

You tend to avoid directly expressing your needs and desires. Asking your neighbor to stop letting their dog poop on your lawn somehow feels rude. So the poop keeps piling up.

When people stop needing you and appreciating you, an abusive inner critic starts to convince you that you’re not doing enough or you’re not good enough.

You wanna take up more space, but your confidence goes MIA in the time of need. When your boss gives you the golden opportunity to say what’s really on your mind, you impulsively tell them what they want to hear instead.

You tend to find your worth through serving others. When you’re not busy making the world a better place, you often feel useless and restless.

I get it.

I used to be hyper sensitive to criticism, which kept me stuck in the hamster wheel of going above and beyond the call of duty to make everything perfect.

Avoiding conflict was my specialty.

And I felt like a sack of garbage if I wasn’t always busy staying productive and being useful.

It’s Not Your Fault

You have a perfectly normal and fully-functioning emotional body with an innate need for belonging and safety (just like everyone else).

But from the day you were born, the world told you—both implicitly and explicitly—that your self-worth is both negotiable and conditional. 

To maintain your sense of worthiness and safety, you quickly learned to always give people what they want, never rock the boat, and deliver non-stop perfection at all times.

Anything else would be considered selfish, lazy, inconsiderate, or undisciplined

So now your brain and nervous system are perpetuating these people-pleasing patterns by triggering the same response (anxiety, depression, guilt…) anytime you dare to choose yourself.  

What if you could rewire your brain to let go of all the perfectionist, people-pleasing habits for good?

The truth is that all habits are changeable

Don’t take my word for it. The science of neuroplasticity has already proven it. 

The best part is that you don’t have to white-knuckle through change. 

Once you get to the root of the problem by rerouting neural pathways, all the unconscious beliefs, behaviors, and emotional triggers related to the problem will sync up with who you really are—a badass

It doesn’t require you to learn complicated methodologies or time-consuming practices. 

All you need is the tenacious belief that you are capable of changing—because you’re not uniquely fucked up. 

Your mind-body is primed and ready to reclaim your highest, most authentic Self

In my 3-month BADASS program, I’m going to show you how.  

Are you ready?

In this larger-than-life soul’s journey, you are the hero

It’s time to let go of your “This is just the way that I am” mentality. In my coaching container, your self-limiting beliefs will crumble before your eyes as you begin to see who you really are: an incredible multidimensional being.

“As we take our journeys, it becomes natural to assume more responsibility—not only for our inner reality, but for the way our outer worlds mirror that reality.”

Carol S. Pearson

This Program is Made for You if You…

  • Wanna take control of your well-being by setting badass boundaries
  • Are ready to stop overexerting yourself for the sake of others
  • Can’t wait to unlock your guilt-free truth
  • Are tired of minimizing yourself to make others happy
  • Wanna be dripping in confidence when up against judgment and criticism
  •  Are ready to relieve your anxiety
  • Want permission from yourself to revel in your imperfection


Working with Krissy has been such an eye-opening experience. She has helped me take a deeper dive into the places I’ve been running from for so long. Krissy helped me work past the roadblocks to the simplest tasks I couldn’t bring myself to do – to walk, to write, and to rid myself of the self-sabotage that’s been getting in the way of me pursuing my daily routines and even my dreams. But what’s special about her work is that she doesn’t just take you there and leave you there. She gently guides you on a journey through these places and helps you safely navigate your way out of them too. She takes a non-judgmental, trauma-informed, approach which is so refreshing. I highly recommend life coaching from Krissy Loveman for anyone looking to make a safe journey home or out into the world. 


Krissy has a remarkable ability to help you see your truest self. She holds up the mirror and points at what you cannot see, and then helps you believe it. She is thoughtful and thorough in her assessments and recommendations. And she takes the time to truly teach you the science behind her approaches, which I really appreciated and found super interesting as a former psychology major!

I’ve done years of therapy that has been helpful in its own way. But Krissy was able to cut right through to what I truly wanted to address in a way I haven’t been able to do with therapy. I left each session with more insight into myself, tools to tackle barriers, and feeling a bit lighter. My goal in working with Krissy was to live more authentically and to get over the fear of practicing and sharing my art. Krissy has helped me do just that!


Through Krissy’s compassionate and guided coaching, I have been able to show up for myself in ways I previously imagined impossible. Each time we end a session I reflect on how it felt and almost always say “Wow that was challenging. AND I am so thankful I continue to show up for myself”. Working through challenges I face regarding childhood trauma, self-esteem, and adult aspirations, Krissy’s coaching has truly opened up a world of confidence, self-respect, and self-love that I have been searching for within all of my life. This coaching has allowed me to be naked to the world of possibilities existence has to offer, trauma and all. I would recommend Krissy Loveman’s coaching to anyone who is looking to recover, build, and or maintain a healthy, well rounded psyche.


During my time with Krissy, I learned to become more present with how I feel in the moment, particularly when I am presented with something challenging. Instead of reacting during an aversive circumstance, I learned tools to help me “check in” with myself, to label how my body feels, and to respond in a way that honors my authentic self. Self-discovery is an ongoing process but I am eternally grateful for my time spent with Krissy and the work we did together; I know that it will serve me for the rest of my years to come. Thank you for all that you do, Krissy!


Working with such an insightful, compassionate and empathic person has been a gift in my life.  Krissy has produced self guided meditations that are both thought provoking  and helpful. Furthermore she has helped me work thru a childhood trauma with the outcome of me being able to move forward and leave the trauma behind.  I look forward to many more sessions with her.   


I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude to Krissy. Krissy is a talented, charming, empathic, and great listener. She allows me to express my regrets, fears, insecurities, and goals freely. She has a tactical approach to understanding the source of challenges and finding solutions. She helped me discover what was holding me back, try some simple lifestyle changes, and stay motivated to move forward. Before meeting Krissy, I always visualized the worst possible outcome for any situation. Krissy provided me with resources/exercises to help alleviate anxiety, build confidence, and love myself more. Thank you for being my guiding light, encouraging me, and finding my inner strength to be where I am today.


This is What Empowered Looks Like

How would it feel to stop trying to control everything and instead empower the other 8 billion humans to do their part?

When shit hits the fan and your coworker Gary looks at you to fix it, your newly discovered inner guidance tells you, “Fuck Gary, he can figure it out.” Because you don’t take care of other people’s dumpster fires anymore. 

What would be possible if you stopped handing over your power and started advocating for yourself with bulletproof tenacity?

You’ve got a fire under your ass that propels you to speak up and stand up for yourself. When Jessica gets upset that you don’t morph into a doormat at her every request anymore, you refuse to feel bad about it. No more muddling your feelings with others’ anymore.  

What would it be like if the tension that once consumed your body packed-up and moved out, like a forgettable ex whose name you can’t even remember?

You feel relaxed, open, and unapologetically self-indulgent. Your self-care routine feels like glitter-dusted ecstasy. You find yourself saying yes, YES, YEESSSS to spontaneous impulses that speak to your soul. Even better—what used to make you feel selfish now lights you up.

What if you could be the caring, compassionate hero you’re known as but command a newfound respect that says loud and cloud: Don’t fuck with me.

You’re known for your empathy and you can hold space for other people like a champion. But, your people know now that you don’t put yourself last anymore. They’re hella impressed you know how to lay down the law.

Imagine yourself immersed in a radical self-love.

You revel in being a messy human being, because you don’t attribute setbacks as personal failures anymore. Holding yourself in an unconditional positive regard, you know your mind-body is always trying to protect you, even when it wants to hold you back. And now you have the tools to continue your sacred homecoming—a beautiful, lifelong reclamation of your true Self.


Learn to self-direct your inner work beyond my coaching container


Rewire your habits to create lasting change


Embody the qualities you desire

In a matter of 3 months, you will…

Change your people-pleasing and perfectionist patterns at the level of your brain and nervous system. Byeeeeee outdated unconscious habits!

Become the type of person who sets boundaries with ease and navigates the world with badass bravery. Your in-laws will know who’s the boss now.

Turn down the dial on anxiety when it comes to facing conflict, upsetting others, and being rejected. Get ready—Jerry’s angry little red face is gonna make you laugh from now on.

Stop overworking yourself as a rule-following do-gooder. Your new mantra is that rules are meant to be broken.

Find the positive intention underneath your self-sacrificing habits. It’s time to stop feeling ashamed because you’ve let your mom control your emotions.

Reroute the neural pathways that have led you to put yourself last. Lounging in the hammock with noise-canceling headphones is about to move to the very top of your priority list!

Integrate the shadow qualities you’ve been avoiding and pushing away—reclaiming your true power and true Self. Get excited about being more responsibly conscious than 99% of the population!

BADASS: Confidently Set Boundaries, Speak Your Truth, and Take Control of Your Life

I’m Krissy, and I know exactly how to help you create the change you want. I use proven techniques rooted in neuroscience, trauma-informed somatics, and Jungian psychology to guide you on a life-changing journey to reclaim your badass Self.

3-Month Program

  • Discover your archetype’s powers and pitfalls and get clear on who you’re becoming
  • Rewire your brain and change the unconscious patterns that have been limiting you
  • Learn to be resilient in the face of the same old triggers and stressors
  • Build capacity in your nervous system to speak your truth and withstand criticism
  • Be assertive, confident, and start setting boundaries
  • Unburden yourself from anxiety, burnout, and overcommitment
  • Reclaim your badass power through shadow work
  • Learn self-directed tools to change your habits and regulate your emotions—a skillset you can use for the rest of your life for virtually any problem
  • Prioritize your well-being and what brings you pleasure
  • Stop shaming yourself and start embracing your humanity with unconditional positive regard
  • BONUS: get access to my chronic pain, phobia, and insomnia protocols.

My program is customized to each client. People-pleasing, perfectionism, low confidence, etc. show up in myriad iterations, but I got you. I meet everyone where they are at.

What’s Included

  • 3 months of 60-minute sessions with me 1:1
  • Email support in between sessions
  • Lifetime access to my video and audio recordings of somatic practices

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Disclaimer: I am not a licensed therapist. I help people change their habits and teach self-directed tools to regulate your emotions and create new, healthier habits. Learn more about my certifications.