S Factor™ Feminine Movement

Learn the Language of Your Body

S Factor is a feminine movement and embodiment journey that explores your sensuality and emotional body. Combining floor and wall movements with pole and chair, this practice teaches you how to have a monologue with your inner erotic soul. As a certified S Factor Teacher, I provide a space and occasion for you to experience your divine essence through gentle, invigorating, and empowering movement.

Discover the positive relationship with your body you’ve always wanted.

It’s no secret that womxn struggle to radically love their bodies.

You’ve internalized all the messages about how you should look, and despite your best efforts, you never meet this impossible double standards.

It’s time to redefine sexy as the mesmerizing experience of getting lost in the sensual movement of your body that intuitively knows how to find pleasure.

Reclaim the physical boundaries that determine where the world ends and the curves of your body begin–the curves that want to shake and jiggle.

S Factor is about taking ownership of your perfect body and reclaiming your right to move, touch, and love it⁠—however you choose. This practice is unlike other movement practices, which use sterile language to refer to body parts. S Factor classes⁠—which are only open to womxn⁠—honor and celebrate the feminine body. You are invited to take up space, tap into your senses, and give attention to parts of your body that might feel forgotten.

Find the pleasure that lights your soul on fire.

Knee-deep in the sludge of a patriarchal society that rejects any concept of body wisdom, womxn have been socialized from a young age to prioritize “making it” in the outer world through masculine achievement, while being expected to nurture and take care of others at the expense of their own being.

Feminine movement has the power to release you from the “masculine malaise”–what I refer to as the feeling of being disconnected, stuck in your head, and rigid.

S Factor is intentionally a slow movement practice that quietens the critical masculine mind and invites you to experience the goddess potential of your own body. This practice is just for you and your pleasure.


Connect to your breath through slow movement, while working the deeper muscles


Explore your senses as you drop into your body and dim the thinking mind


Develop physical strength and a newfound ownership of your feminine body

Access the sacred goddess energy that is your birthright.

S Factor is a “remembering” of our true nature. Every movement has the power to bring you home.


  • Redefining what you’re capable of as you claw the floor with your hands
  • Taking back your power from the patriarchy as you press your booty up towards the sky
  • Finding your inner Bad Girl–who knows her worth–through a slow pelvic grind

Your body is the journey

This practice encourages the expression of emotions—rage, grief, uncertainty, excitement, celebration. It’s an undoing of the conditioned upbringing that taught you to store these “unsafe” feelings into the musculature of your body, where locked-up energy stands in the way of your happiness. Emotions are psychological energy that want to move through you. You ancient wild body knows how to release emotions–feminine movement is a reminder of how to do it.

Craving to be seen

“Feminine” in S Factor refers to energy, not gender. All folx–men, womxn, non-binary–have both masculine and feminine energy. Because the dominant culture doesn’t value the gifts of the feminine, it’s suppressed and forgotten. Yet, the feminine spirit within you craves to be seen and heard.

“It is the pure feminine energy that allows a woman to be in love with her body; it is the energy that surges from the soles of her feet to the top of her head. Unpossessed and unpossessing, its strength is its vulnerability, vulnerable to life, to love, to otherness.”

Marion Woodman

A Respite

The outer world requires you to be linear in how you think and how you posture your body.

Feminine movement transforms the linear into fluid and curvaceous body wisdom. S Factor shows you how to tap into the power of your pleasure and intuitive, body-led movement.

Unlike other dance practices, S Factor does not use mirrors, so that you can turn your gaze inward and be fully present to how it feels to be in your body.

Is S Factor for me?

S Factor welcomes womxn with all bodies.

Shy bodies. Bodies with disabilities. Inflexible bodies. Mature bodies. Masculine bodies. Full-figured bodies.

You don’t need a background in dance. You don’t need to be “fit.”

This practice is about following the breath, stretch, and pleasure in each moment so that you can find what feels good.

S Factor Offerings

Through S Factor, I will take you on a journey to:

  • Develop strength and flexibility through fluid movement.
  • Explore your emotional body and sensuality in a welcoming space so you can experience your body’s infinite wisdom on a deeper level.
  • Unapologetically take up space, reclaim your body, and normalize your erotic nature so that you can let go of the shame of being uniquely you.
  • Discover what feels good in your body. 

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