An Off-the-Map Journey

Conscious feminine energy is where the journey goes off the map–surrendering to the unknown and softening our resistance to change, discomfort, and risk. Leaving behind a job, relationship or other place of stuck comfort has an inherently feminine archetypal force behind it. It isn’t foolish or rash. When a womxn knows that it’s time for change, their receptive capacities set them up to face the unknown. It’s a calling for change felt deep down into their bones that even our ancestors dating back thousands of years have experienced. We’ve inherited the know-how of every womxn before us who’s summoned their inner strength and courage to surrender to the unknowable future.

Masculine energy takes action, seeking for answers in a typical, linear, predictable path. Balancing the feminine and masculine energies together, a womxn has the power to propel herself forward in an intentional, ass-kicking journey that allows for the growth she needs most, as provided by the universe and her growth-oriented Self. 

When I question my capacity and ability to change my entire life’s trajectory, I recall that I’ve inherited unnumerable archetypal energies and wisdom to guide me. I am not alone. I have a village of inner guides and goddesses.

I also have the privilege of a middle class upbringing in America to credit for my successes in life thus far. But even the most privileged person risks getting in their own way, whether it’s a self-limiting story, an unexplored shadow, or an unconscious behavioral pattern (it’s all of the above). What I love about the practice of inner work and feminine embodiment–my two areas of speciality–is that they transcend race, ethnicity, nationality, age, class, and socioeconomic status.

“All the gods, all the heavens, all the worlds, are within us.”

Joseph Campbell

The conviction to choose the path of growth is a full body experience from head to toe, but if you’re disconnected from your body, you’re at risk of missing the opportunity of hearing your body’s wisdom speaking to you. A womxn who is fully embodied can make intuitive, conscious choices from a place of safety and truth. Dropping into your body through a feminine movement practice is a primal approach to navigating your nervous system in finding regulation and an anchor of connection. The movement is also a process of accepting and reintegrating parts of yourself that have been forgotten or rejected.

A remembering of who you are.

In depth psychology, you work with the unconscious to bring forth your repressed Self through shadow work, dream work, and active imagination. I believe that feminine movement summons the feminine essence of our souls and bodies that we rejected long ago as we had no other choice but to learn to survive in a masculine-dominated world. The meditative flow of movement reaches deep into our bodies and brings up a treasure of delicious feminine energy that we’ve denied ourselves. Feminine movement complements the psychological work. The two go hand in hand. Mind. Body. Heart. Soul. 

This off-road journey is a lifetime of work in uncovering your full potential beyond your small-minded ego.

It’s hard.

It’s uncomfortable.

It’s empowering.

As an intuitive, highly sensitive womxn, I am choosing to create a time, space, and occasion to guide other womxn on their path of wholeness. It’s called Feminine Play–and what you see today is only the preamble.