Reclamation of Self

Wisdom in Your Flaws There’s a subtle but key difference between fixing yourself and returning to your wholeness. Healthy, sustainable inner work is about a radical reclamation of Self. Because beneath the icky parts that you try to fix, there is a true Self in its wholeness. Women have so much motivation to grow andContinue reading “Reclamation of Self”

Bravery to be Seen

I coach womxn on becoming their true Self–making the unconscious conscious and accessing their Higher Self outside of the ego-persona. I think of this work as true empowerment, not based on bolstering the attachments and desires of the ego, but on accepting the qualities we reject about ourselves. This practice is founded in the beliefContinue reading “Bravery to be Seen”

The Wanderer Knows

I’ve never read A Course in Miracles, but I think I experienced one last week. The first day after I turned on my auto-email responder at work to “This email is no longer active”, I woke up in a state of pure euphoria. I felt a lightness that I hadn’t experienced in over 3, longContinue reading “The Wanderer Knows”

An Off-the-Map Journey

Conscious feminine energy is where the journey goes off the map–surrendering to the unknown and softening our resistance to change, discomfort, and risk. Leaving behind a job, relationship or other place of stuck comfort has an inherently feminine archetypal force behind it. It isn’t foolish or rash. When a womxn knows that it’s time forContinue reading “An Off-the-Map Journey”

Mindfucking My Way to Victory

Going on your journey–to grow beyond the limits of your ego and follow a path of your own development personally, psychologically, and professionally–requires a lot of courage, but it doesn’t come without a lot of fear, doubt, and even shame. This is about chasing after what you desire most, as opposed to fitting into aContinue reading “Mindfucking My Way to Victory”

Finding Pleasure in a World of Plight

Just as the pandemic was beginning to sink into a lull over here in the U.S., the weight of the world somehow got heavier. I don’t need to recount the tragedies we’re all reading about in the news each day—I’m here to remind you that our expansion of self and soul are still important. OurContinue reading “Finding Pleasure in a World of Plight”