The Body and Workaholic Women

Quiet Quitting There’s been a lot of chatter recently about “quiet quitting”–the act of putting in minimal effort and enthusiasm in one’s job. Whether these quiet quitters are readjusting their commitment to their jobs to healthier levels, or they’re apathetically disengaging, it’s not yet clear. I suspect it’s a combination of both. I commend andContinue reading “The Body and Workaholic Women”

Finding Pleasure in a World of Plight

Just as the pandemic was beginning to sink into a lull over here in the U.S., the weight of the world somehow got heavier. I don’t need to recount the tragedies we’re all reading about in the news each day—I’m here to remind you that our expansion of self and soul are still important. OurContinue reading “Finding Pleasure in a World of Plight”

Finding Daytime Play

I denied myself the slow, healing pleasure of feminine movement for 31 years. Ask some of my 20s-era friends if they ever saw me dance, and you would get an earful of stories about me dancing on stage into the early morning hours. After about two alcoholic drinks, I was no stranger to the danceContinue reading “Finding Daytime Play”