Hitting Play on Pleasure

2023 is the year of PLEASURE and PLAY. I’m talkin’ bout spicy, sensual, and particularly unproductive pleasure. The feel-good body-high that has no agenda. A magical carpet ride through your wildest fantasy. Because it’s time to de-shame the juice of pleasure and the “immaturity” of play. For a few years, I’ve been on a treasureContinue reading “Hitting Play on Pleasure”

Why Will Power is Your Flaky Friend

Undoing the Programming Here we go, another one! Y’all know I love taking aim at unchecked masculine ideals that cause unnecessary pain and frustration. Full disclosure, I have incredible will power and self-discipline. These strengths have gotten me through two college degrees, starting my own business, learning a foreign language, and much recognition and rewardContinue reading “Why Will Power is Your Flaky Friend”

The Body and Workaholic Women

Quiet Quitting There’s been a lot of chatter recently about “quiet quitting”–the act of putting in minimal effort and enthusiasm in one’s job. Whether these quiet quitters are readjusting their commitment to their jobs to healthier levels, or they’re apathetically disengaging, it’s not yet clear. I suspect it’s a combination of both. I commend andContinue reading “The Body and Workaholic Women”