The Wanderer Knows

I’ve never read A Course in Miracles, but I think I experienced one last week. The first day after I turned on my auto-email responder at work to “This email is no longer active”, I woke up in a state of pure euphoria. I felt a lightness that I hadn’t experienced in over 3, longContinue reading “The Wanderer Knows”

An Off-the-Map Journey

Conscious feminine energy is where the journey goes off the map–surrendering to the unknown and softening our resistance to change, discomfort, and risk. Leaving behind a job, relationship or other place of stuck comfort has an inherently feminine archetypal force behind it. It isn’t foolish or rash. When a womxn knows that it’s time forContinue reading “An Off-the-Map Journey”

Mindfucking My Way to Victory

Going on your journey–to grow beyond the limits of your ego and follow a path of your own development personally, psychologically, and professionally–requires a lot of courage, but it doesn’t come without a lot of fear, doubt, and even shame. This is about chasing after what you desire most, as opposed to fitting into aContinue reading “Mindfucking My Way to Victory”

Home is Where Hestia Is

As much as I write about my hardheaded, hot-tempered Artemis warrior archetype, I have an equally powerful introverted Hestia archetype who craves peace, solitude, and spiritual growth. Hestia always wants to be at home away from the outer world, away from people. She finds spirituality and meaning out of the home. She is very salient inContinue reading “Home is Where Hestia Is”

Perfectionism: Do Not Resuscitate

You know that really cliché job interview question, “What are your weaknesses?” And that even more cliché answer, “I’m a perfectionist, so sometimes I work too much and am really hard on myself for any mistakes I make.” And then the interviewer nods their head like this is some kind of profound confession. If IContinue reading “Perfectionism: Do Not Resuscitate”