Divine Timing

One year ago I initiated a Worker’s Compensation claim due to moderate, unrelenting pain in my right arm from a repetitive motion injury using the computer in my job. I had just returned from a romantic trip to Hawaii with my beloved sweetheart, and I was enjoying an excitement for life, opportunities, and abundance that I hadn’t felt since before the pandemic had started. What I didn’t know last May was that what seemed like a minor injury would progress into severe pain in both arms, putting me on disability for the next eight months. 

My dreams of changing my life came to a screeching halt. Pretty much everything just stopped. I became helpless, needing assistance in daily chores. I couldn’t pole dance. I couldn’t hold open a book to read. I went on long walks every day for hours to prevent myself from going stir crazy. The worst part was that I had no idea when it would all end, if at all.

While my injury has healed now and my pain has greatly subsided, I still have lingering mild pain that makes it very difficult to be in a 40-hour desk job. 

“Because if you play well in places you’re not sure you have permission to go, you’ll discover resources you didn’t know were available.”

Unbound: A Woman’s Guide to Power, Kasia Urbaniak

Timing always feels divine. If I could’ve told myself one year ago to believe in the power of hardship—that these experiences will prepare me for what 2022 would bring, I would certainly time travel to enlighten my former self.

This month I am starting a Jungian life coach training program, and if the stars continue to align, I will enroll in a feminine movement teacher training program this summer. These certifications will combine two worlds that have changed my life, so that I can bring this joy to other womxn. I became immersed in the Jungian approach and meditative dance separately but at the same time one magical fall following yet another breakup. My disappointment and I’m-a-failure outlook at the time were quickly replaced with a sense of otherworldliness. I found myself in a dreamy, warm embracing universe that wanted to prepare me for an elevation of self. The stage was set.

Without these practices, I would not have transformed into the multidimensional womxn that I am today. The spiritual, embodied, consciously feminine life force that defines who I am is moving front and center to what I will do for a living. 

It is time. 

I am ready.

I share deeply sacred and personal stories and experiences about myself because I want other womxn to know this magic. I am not special. This practice is not exclusive. It’s not a secret, and I do not hold it behind closed doors. By our very nature, we have access to this life-altering power as human beings.

I am here to remind you that you always have choices. That your greatest power comes from within. That your soul wants to live. That your body wants to talk. That your inner goddesses can support you. That your journey of healing starts whenever you’re ready. That you deserve to play and create.

And I just might be your Life Coach come 2023.