A Journey for the Highly Sensitive Woman

Feminine Play was born out of a deep conviction that embracing, honoring, and developing my psychologically-conscious femininity is the most sustainable practice for thriving in a world obsessed with insatiable masculine achievement. 

I knew this practice was life-altering because I was digging up one treasure after another on a spiraling journey of embodiment, uninhibited play, and intuitive healing. The significance of the spiral is that it infinitely circles towards the center, symbolic of the heroine becoming more awakened, getting closer and closer to her truest self. The constant unearthing is the goal, unlike the logical world’s fixation on reaching an end point. Why would I want this lifestyle–dripping in feminine indulgence–to ever end?

I have a deep, rich inner life that I used to protect behind an iron door. I didn’t tend to the fire of my inner life on a regular basis until I found my feminine practice. Moments of synchronicity and self-discovery kept me coming back for more. It was my little secret to keep. But the rewards for nurturing my femininity needed to be shared with the world. That is when I started Feminine Play.

“We must be alert to our inner signal, attentive to its spirit and to the information it carries. This space is where the treasure lies. It is the place from which our deepest desires, the ones that fuel our destiny and feed our life force, are born.”

Unbound: A Woman’s Guide to Power, Kasia Urbaniak

While women of every type and background stand to flourish from this practice, I am most excited about reaching women who identify as highly sensitive, who I know have strong intuitive inclinations and profound interior lives. They are ready to do the work–they are the Royal Advisor Class. And when they step into the power of their feminine practice, they will change the world.

Feminine Play is elevated self-care with the power to emanate positive energy in all directions. This isn’t BuzzFeed clickbait about treating yourself to more massages and candlelit baths. Women who want a quick fix and are unwilling to take the less trodden spiritual path won’t find what they’re looking for here. 

Being sensitive is a gift and a curse. Before I could gather myself to put together this post, I had to release a cathartic but rambling story about how a confusing process at work rattled me to pieces, which included me sobbing over zoom to my supervisor while snot came streaming out of my nose and into my face mask. I smoked a cigarette, and then it brought me here.

I’m an imperfect, irritable, shit-stirrer from Alabama who discovered the power of her multidimensionality through Jungian therapy and feminine movement in 7-inch stripper heels.

I still struggle often to love every ounce of this overreactive body I live in. Sometimes I wish I could just be like everyone else, easy-going and moving at full-speed all day. But after being subjected to a day’s worth of sounds, smells, and people’ing in the outside world, I must retreat to my sanctuary, hide under my weighted blanket, and binge-watch RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Once I learned to harness the power of my highly sensitive nature, that changed everything. My ability to notice subtleties, inwardly reflect, and find meaning in life turn out to be very valuable.

This practice does wonders for the nervous system. It provides a path for healing. It awakens the sleeping goddesses. It serves as a safe haven for self discovery and rejuvenation. It encourages the movement of emotions and body. It energizes your zeal for life. It brings a new meaning to your spirituality.

Did I mention that this beautiful journey has no end?